Our Restoration Services

Graffiti Etching Glass Restoration

Vandals & gang members have chosen to start destroying business storefronts with knives, screwdrivers, diamond tipped drill bits, steel wool and rocks. The cost of replacing glass is extremely high and time consuming. The average glass shop will take 2-5 days to replace a piece of glass. This does not work for business owners who take great pride in their property. Our service will restore the damaged glass back to original condition. With same day service and huge price savings our service is hands down the best choice. From one window to entire shopping centers we have the experience and knowledge to restore your property to new.


  • Save money. On average we save you between $300 to $900 per window.
  • Same day service available. Glass replacement takes 3-5 days.
  • Our process is distortion free and no haze is left. 100% satisfaction evreytime.
  • Free estimates. Multiple window discounts. Free Anti-Graffiti Film w/repair.

Acid Etching Restoration

The newest form of gang tagging. Gang members utilize swimming pool acid to burn their anems and symbols in to store front glass. By using your storefront windows as their canvas the let other gangs know that this is their territory or a place to meet up. Glass replacement companies have informed the public that this type of damage is permanent and can not be restored. This is wrong. We have mastered acid damage removal. We nuetrilize the acid and then we remove the damage it caused. Upon completing our restoration your window will be back to new showing no traces of the acid damage. After the restoration is complete we install our graffiti-guard window film to protect your window against future damage.


  • We offer same day service. We will restore your window within an hour or so.
  • By removing acid fast it it stops other windows from getting tagged.
  • Cost. We are the most affordable option available.
  • Free estimates. Multiple window discounts. Free Anti-Graffiti Film with repair.

Hard Water Restoration

Windows damaged from hard water & chemicals can be restored back to original clarity. We have successfully removed hard water accumulation as old as 30 years. We offer this service to residential and commercial buildings. Hard water buildup is caused from sprinkler and irrigation water being sprayed on your windows. We also remove chemical stains. We offer free estimates and multiple window discounts.


  • Price. There is no option available that is a cost effective as ours. Replacing windows can be very expensive.
  • Aesthetics. Hard water makes it difficult to enjoy your view.
  • Safety. Hard water that etches in to your glass can damage the glass and make it brittle. Making it much easier for breaking.
  • Never worry about this problem again. We treat your glass with a product that doesnt allow the water to form and create staining. Included with repair.

Grafitti Guard Window Film

We stop tagging in its tracks. We will protect your windows and buildings from any form of vandelism. Protecting your assets & image. 24/7 Service.


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We Manage Graffiti Removal for Over 900 Properties