About Remove It Restoration

About Remove It Restoration

We are the leading glass restoration company in the united States. We save business and property owners thousands of dollars by restoring glass that would traditionally be replaced. Our patent pending glass restoration system removes the worst kind of damage ranging from graffiti etching to constructiion damage. Our clients range from the US government, small business owners, property managers and franchise business. We offer free estimates and site inspections. Our service will save you between 50-80% off of traditional glass replacement.

Our Mission to our Clients

To provide our clients and community with an affordable solution to deal with vandelism. To restore all windows to original condition. To remove
the damage hurting the appearance & property values of our communities.

About Our Services

  • Glass Scratch & Etching Repair. Our innovative scratch removal and glass polishing system removes scratches, restores glass, removes graffiti and acid ethching. We restore the damaged glass back to original clarity.
  • Anti-Graffiti Security Window Film. Using our special protective film it eliminates the expense of conventional graffiti cleanup or the even costlier total replacement of graffiti-damaged glass. Cost starts at only $58 per window.
  • Graffiti Removal & Security Coatings. We use high-performance coatings designed to install durable, long-lasting protection that shield surfaces from graffiti & vandelism. Coatings available for glass, masonry, painted surfaces and more.
  • Graffiti Abatement Programs. For a fraction of the cost of having just one employee, you can hire our group of experienced glass restoration professionals working on call 24/7 for your business. Our programs cover the graffiti removal at your entire property for one low cost. You will never exceed your budget and keep your property looking great all the time.

Why Restore Your Storefront

We Manage Graffiti Removal for Over 900 Properties