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So why replace damaged glass when you can restore at a portion of the price. Business owners in Cedar Glen, CA have been coping with an increase in vandelism on glass, signs and real estate property due to graffiti. When graffiti strikes your business don't replace the glass or window call on our team of window retorion experts. We save Cedar Glen, CA area business up to 80% over replacing the effected window or door. We can clean and restore glass that has been damage from graffiti, etched graffiti, acid damage, hard water, scratches and more. We are the leading window restoration company in Cedar Glen, CA. Emergency service is available. Our service is available 24 hours a day. If it would be easier to correct after or before business hours we can schedule that. We are licensed and insured to provide window restoration in Cedar Glen, CA.

Glass Scratch Removal Service. Fast service to Cedar Glen, CA. We can remove the worst scratches on glass and save you money on replacement.

We are your Cedar Glen, CA, Glass Restoration and Etched Graffiti Specialists.  Scratched Glass is a common incident in this day and age but it does not always mean you have to replace the glass.  We are professional specialists in glass scratch removal and our services generally save our customers up to 80% off the price of replacing the Glass while maintaining precisely the same stunning clarity the Glass had when it was brand-new.

Don’t Replace It -  Restore It and cut costs!

If you have any questions about a Glass Scratch Removal estimate do not hesitate to get hold of Us.

Glass Repair Services Available to Business Owners in Cedar Glen, CA. We also service home owners in Cedar Glen, CA with amazing Glass Repair Services.

Over the past 10 years more and more shop fronts have been badly damaged by acid and scratched graffiti, this graffiti is usually caused by forcing a metal or ceramic object over the surface of the glass, and the result is your window has a gang tag or offensive words on it. The only way to remove it until recently was to replace your glass!!  

Not any more now we can repair your glass and SAVE you the hassle of replacing the glass and at a fraction of the cost!!  

There are two repair options we offer our client’s, option one and the most popular is glass scratch removal and final polish. This option is ideal if the attack on your glass was a one off and you don’t expect the glass to be reoffended.
Option two is glass scratch removal and filming, this option is ideal if you believe you glass may be reoffended as if they return they will only attack your film not the glass and only the film will need to be replaced. Which will save you more money in the future!! All the film we use comes with a 5 year guarantee against fading and peeling away from your glass.   


Etched Graffiti Removal Service. Saving Business Owners Thousands on Replacement. Emergency Service to Cedar Glen, CA 24/7.

Remove It Restoration leads the glass restoration industry in Cedar Glen, CA with our unique glass restoration process. We have painstakingly developed our scratched glass repair system to remove any superficial damage from glass. Find out more about the types of glass restoration we offer on our Scratched Glass Repair Services Page. Regardless of why you need scratched glass repair, we are able to restore your windows for a fraction of the replacement cost. Don't just take our word for it; look at all of the clients we have helped save thousands of dollars, and hear what they have to say about our ability to attend to all their glass restoration needs. Since demand for perfection in glass restoration is so high, we send our scratched glass repair technicians not only to Cedar Glen, CA but also to cities across Southern California. Contact us for a free quote! No matter where you are or how big the project is, Remove It Restoration is the only answer for your glass restoration needs.

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