Report your Graffiti damage before it becomes a problem.

Reporting Graffiti

Report GraffitiLet’s get rid of the graffiti!

The City of San Jose is on a mission to wipe out graffiti on homes and businesses. It is asking residents to help out.

Report Graffiti:

Report Graffiti to Have it Removed. (Abatement)
Abatement is administered by the San Jose Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services (PRNS).

Step 1: Report it

Call 311 to report graffiti on your home or in your neighborhood. (Cellular callers must dial (408) 277-8900). Call 911 to report vandalism in progress. If you want to report information about taggers anonymously, please call Crime Stoppers at (408) 947-7867

Even if you plan to clean up the graffiti yourself, make a report first. The best way to report graffiti is to call 311 or 911 if it is a crime in progress.

Step 2: Remove it

If the graffiti is on your property, it’s your responsibility to clean it up. Property owners not cooperating in keeping their property graffiti-free will be referred to the Department of Code Enforcement and may be subjected to penalties and fines.

Free graffiti removal solvent and paint is available at the San Jose Anti-Graffiti Program at 1661 Senter Rd, Bldg G, San Jose, CA 95112. To report graffiti for removal on city property call the Anti-Graffiti Hotline at (866)249-0543.

Spray Paint CansGraffiti Removal Solvent

  • The solvent works well on all surfaces, including stucco, natural brick and cement.
  • When using on porous surfaces, such as brick or stucco, apply the solvent and let it soak, then agitate with a vinyl or wire brush and rinse with water. Best results are achieved when using a power washer to rinse solvent.
  • Be careful when using the solvent on a painted surface, since it can remove the original paint. Best results on painted surfaces are achieved when removing small amounts of graffiti or graffiti from a marker.

Painting Over Graffiti

When graffiti is on a painted surface, the best course of action is to cover it with paint.

  • Before painting over the graffiti, make sure it is reported and that City crews photographed it.
  • First, put a primer coat over the graffiti. Follow up with a coat of exterior paint.
  • The City of San Jose has the right to abate graffiti without notice to the property owner.

Step 3: Prevent it Top of page

There are many things residents and business owners in San Jose can do to prevent graffiti (Click the bar below to expand the section for prevention tips):

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